With this case study I talk about my experience at VISA as an intern and the challenges I faced and strategies I used to tackel them.

I do not show any details about my projects here but feel free to get in touch with me to learn more.

12 1/2 weeks
Project Title
Comparing & Sharing for Financial Well-being
My Roles
Product Designer
UX Researcher
Marketing Consultant
Foster City, California

Using the Double Diamond Approach

Double Diamond is a very common framework used by designers. I used this framework in my solo project for a couple of reasons:

I had very limited existing research, therefore the project needed me to expland my research to understand what is already existing and collect research from where I can.

The project had a lot of ambiguity, which led to multiple assumtions. The framework gave me the flexibility to narrowdown with assumptions, and expland with imagination.

With limited time I undertook multiple activities at the same time and the double diamond approach provided structure to get and incorporate feedback for these activities.

Past research
Competitive Analysis
User Persona
Use Case
User Flow
Final Outcome

Design process adopted during my internship

Challenges and Strategies

I believe every designer faces challenges, facing them and using strategic activities to shape your project is what helps you grow and move forward. The following diagram depicts challenges I faced and strategies I used to tackle them:


Limited Research
Working with Ambiguity
Feedback Sessions
Time Crunch
Priorotize Activities
People not from design

Communication & Involvement

Strategic Actions

To Wrap Things Up

My internship at Visa helped me grow as a designer, and learn to work with ambiguity.

Providing reasoning became a habit as I design. It helps me create research backed designs.

Self critique became an important part of my design process

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